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Traditions & Technology
45 years experience in International Business Cooperation

Since three generations we are a family owned business and develop solutions. We understand economy as the encounter of people not of companies. We believe that the use of technology is bringing us ahead.

Sectors we work on

IBCOL is convinced that one of the many stepping stones in being a long-lasting and successful company is diversification. Only companies that rest on several pillars will continue to create added value in the future.

We believe that the use of technology is bringing us ahead.


The root of all our technological enterprises was formed in the aviation and security cluster of Munich

Since 1974 this is the backbone and driver of our international network

Today we focus upon communication and recycling technology


From operating and owning gold and gem mines and oil wells IBCOL developed knowledge to mine the biggest resource of our era - cities

Urban mining with pyrolysis and copper extraction forms the core of mining recycled resources

Real Estate

Owning, operating and trading of different business real estate was always part of our economic activity

IBCOL is managing this field right now as a core business, which includes asset management and hospitality


Is in the focus of the management team since our founding

Provision of access to needed goods for our partners is our goal

We supply trading services and goods around the world

We do Business with people

IBCOL works with openness, dependability and honesty. We have the flexibility and boldness to pursue new paths.


We guide you through troubled water as only after hard work and overcoming challenging environments real successes are possible


When investing we focus on opportunities with potential for high yields


Our investments are no bush fires, they are construed to be long lasting sources of income

Our companies

Driving technology for leading brands

IBCOL Technical Services
The root and basis for all our activities founded by Friedemann Striegel in 1971
IBCOL Real Estate
The real estate team managing assets and hospitality
Mining urban resources and producing copper in a new era
Innovative technology for information and communication
Mining automotive resources for new green building materials
Building world changing technology and solving a global waste problem

Who we are

We are the people behind IBCOL

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IBCOL has the flexibility and boldness to pursue new paths. We are looking forward to hearing from you.